Stillness expanded slowly
indulging patience perseverance
pulled down in time
lines drawn slow
and pencil as evidence of a hand
alighting on paper
as light as a memory of a time
time repeated
speaking in reflections
concentrated sharpness of shame and resistance
narrowed by the shadows of ordinary beauty
drawing as magic warding against careless judgements and harsh moralities

looking as listening

paper as thinking

light as remembering

as light as

marking time.



Drawing from life is a process of looking,
  looking at something that is real
and in front of you,
looking at it so intensely,
with such insistence
that the idea of the object evaporates
and the scene becomes fragmented,
the parts separate and abstract,
patterns are found.
One moves from certainty
to not-knowing,
through doubt and then
in turn trusting, which leads
to certainty again when
the image is transcribed
to the page.

graphite on paper

spoken word


︎ Rafael Roncato